Poster Submission Guidelines

The submission deadline: To be announced.

Poster Categories

Only the First Author may submit a poster. Only single-panel poster submissions will be considered.

Faculty Competitive Poster

Four $1,000 prizes will be awarded.

  • One competitive application per faculty member.
  • Complete and submit the online Poster Registration Form, attaching poster with UB faculty as First Author, selecting Faculty Competitive Poster option.
  • Submit PDF of a published or accepted publication related to the research presented in the poster. This must have been published within the past five years. The applicant does not need to be the First Author. (Competitive only)
  • Submit up to a 750 word abstract of the research presented in the poster written for a broad audience. (Competitive only)


Faculty Non-Competitive Poster

Faculty may submit an unlimited number of non-competitive posters as first author.

  • Complete and submit the online Poster Registration Form, attaching poster with UB faculty as First Author, selecting Faculty Non-Competitive Poster option.
  • Faculty will have the option to submit additional posters in the Faculty Non-Competitive Poster category.


Student Poster

Doctoral, Masters, and Undergraduate students: Awards in each category will be given to First Authors.

  • Complete and submit the online Registration Form, attaching poster with UB Student as First Author
  • Only one poster with student as First Author may be submit­ted.
  • Student posters must be sponsored by a faculty member.
  • (Optional) Submit additional poster(s) with student as Sec­ond Author.

Guideline Details

It is important that posters project their main research purposes immediately. You do not need to be a graphic designer to make a compelling visual presentation: have one main visual and one main title. Have secondary visuals and secondary titles. And have tertiary level information as necessary. More than three levels of editorial importance are counterproductive and confusing.

Note the categories that will be evaluated and address each of the items with visual clarity. The second part of the Poster Judging Rubric shows the standards and expectations of the Poster Presen­tation, which must be given by each poster’s First Author.

You may use the PowerPoint poster template here, but following the template too closely will produce a “me-too” poster result, which typically disguis­es the effort and important outcomes of the applicant’s re­search. Please adapt the sections for your own use.

If you wish to design your own poster without using the tem­plate, one method is:

  1. Open PowerPoint
  2. Under “Design” tab click on “Slide Size” then “Custom Slide Size…”
  3. Use the following settings:
    • Slides sized for: Custom
    • Width: 24 inches, Height: 36 inches
    • Number slides from: 1
    • Orientation: Portrait
    • Notes, Handouts & Outline: Portrait
  4. Click “OK”
  5. Continue with your design

All posters must have the poster title and authors’ and advi­sor’s names prominently displayed, preferably at the top.

Note the firm deadline for registration and poster submissions. Because printing and mounting the many posters we get is time consuming, registration and submissions after Monday, March 5 will not be accepted.

Helpful Tools

The following downloads will help you create a successful poster. Get one of each!

Poster Judging Rubric

Undergraduate Students

Understand the components of a winning poster.


Poster Judging Rubric

Graduate Students

 Understand the components of a winning poster.


Sample Poster

Get inspired by this example.


Poster Template

Use our PowerPoint template to create your poster.


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